Why LeanFactor

We build a more sustainable and lasting relationship with the brands we work for.

A sustainable relationship between consultants and brands has a positive impact for both parties:

– Increases the ROI of our customers.

– Reduces the risks.

– Reduces costs and therefore, customer investment.

– Generates better results at a lower cost.

How can we grow your brand?

LeanFactor is an International Communication & PR, Digital Strategy, Marketing and Design Agency offering strategic consulting services. These can be materialised in various disciplines, according to the needs of each brand and / or ‘momentum’ of the industry.

We offer services ranging from PR, content generation, digital marketing and social media to paid campaigns, lead generation, branding, and design.

For us, the activities and services we offer to our clients isn’t what’s most important, but rather the results that we generate for the brands we work for.

Our experience

We have vast experience with clients from various sectors, such as: Technology, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Fintech, IoT, eHealth, eCommerce, Software, among many others.

We’ve also worked in design for alcoholic beverages, restaurants, food, travel, and toys among other things.

LeanFactor Model

Integral and transversal strategy. Resource Optimization. Cost reduction. A single budget. Holistic approach.

1. Strategic consulting

2. A transversal budget