Why LeanFactor

We build a more sustainable, and therefore lasting, relationship with the brands we work for.

A more sustainable relationship between consultants and brands has a very positive impact for both parties:

– Increase the ROI of our customers.

– Reduce the risks of both.

– Reduces costs and, therefore, customer investment.

– It generates better results at lower cost.

How can we grow your brand?

LeanFactor is an International Communication & PR, Digital Strategy, Marketing and Design Agency that offers strategic consulting services; which can be materialized in various disciplines, according to the needs of each brand and / or ‘momentum’ of the industry.

Our experience

We have a great experience with clients from various sectors, such as: Technology, Consumer, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Fintech, IoT, eHealth, eCommerce, Software, among many others.

LeanFactor Model

Integral and transversal strategy. Resource Optimization. Cost reduction. A single budget. Holistic approach.

1. Strategic consulting

2. A transversal budget