About us

LeanFactor is an International Communication & PR, Digital Strategy, Marketing and Design agency.

We have adopted the principles of “Lean-Manufacturing,” applying them to the world of communication. Our business culture and way of working is based on obtaining the best results, making the most of the available resources, and reducing costs.

Thanks to our model, we are constantly innovating. The best recognition comes from our own clients.

We connect your brand with the world, simplifying the process

LeanFactor was born with a mission to respond more efficiently to the challenges of communication and the current digital ecosystem.

The fragmentation of the media and the omnipresence of digital ecosystems make brand communication increasingly complex and expensive.

LeanFactor simplifies these planning and execution processes, without requiring a higher investment.

One client, One strategy, One budget, Different tools.


Another one of our values is transparency. LeanFactor optimises ROI to the maximum, seeking to reduce costs while maintaining constant communication with the client.

Specialist consultants

Our team of professionals comes from different industries and areas of expertise: digital marketing, communication, public relations, social media, advertising, design, and branding…

We stick to a completely comprehensive and transversal strategy, so communication between teams is key for us. We do not believe in unidirectional models or silos. All areas of our agency are connected, seeking the same purpose.

We encourage the same fluid communication with our clients.

Who are we?

A group of professional experts in communication and digital strategy from diverse, but complementary disciplines.

A model based on the achievement of objectives and results through creativity.

We invest time in deeply understanding the particularities of your sector and industry, improving the workflow according to the needs of your brand, and adapting our services to the business requirements and / or ‘momentum’ of the industry.

We believe in an efficient and sustainable model for both parties: brands and consultants. We significantly reduce your investment by optimising activities and resources, without sacrificing the quality of the results.