Only 5% of Spanish journalists had been granted flexible schedules (home or office) before the coronavirus pandemic.

LeanFactor, an International Communication ,PR, and Digital Marketing agency has created a report on Spanish journalists from diverse media outlets, ranging from online and print, to TV and radio, to determine the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their work and how it may affect journalism. The study was completed during the first 10 days of May 2020. 

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Study on Digital Strategy During the Spanish Election Campaign

LeanFactor report on the Digital Strategy of political parties during the 2019 election campaign in Spain.

LeanFactor created a report on the digital strategy of different political parties in Spain: PSOE, PP, Podemos, Ciudadanos and Vox; candidates for the Presidency of the Spanish Government, during the electoral campaign of April 2019.

Dates analyzed:
April 10 to April 23, both included.

Platforms analyzed:
Twitter, Google (SEO & SEM) & YouTube.

Download the full report (in Spanish) here